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Take a look inside our Innovation Camps

InnovaLab provides a new and modern approach to education by teaching students about the impact of technology into their lives and on how to develop future-proof skills.

We do that through our 12-day Innovation Camp in Silicon Valley where high schools students learn about Innovation and technology directly from professionals on the trenches, in contrast to the traditional approach on relying on teachers and parents as mentors. We believe this generation of students require constant updates in order to be competitive.

We are proud to count with some of Silicon Valley's most successful entrepreneurs, investors, professors, researchers and executives as our mentors and speakers. This approach has proven to be really successful and we’re not shy to brag that we found the right formula to prepare students for a world that is constantly changing.

In our camps, no previous knowledge of tech and entrepreneurship is required. Listed below is a snapshot of the content and activities offered in our latest programs.

Silicon Valley Culture and The Next Tech Trends

Reinaldo Normand talking about Tech rends and Silicon Valley culture, based on his three books.

What have students learned in this session?

“How tech is going to affect my future and the types of tech there are in present time.”

“I learned that the culture of Silicon Valley is one that encourages intelligent risk-taking and that persistence is an essential attribute to any startup.”

Human Centered Design Workshop

Devika Patel, Design Manager at the Better Lab of Zuckerberg General Hospital

Katie Neville, former flight deck and ergonomics engineer at Boeing, teaching our students on how to solve problems in the real world

What have students learned in this session?

“I learned the importance of applying human centered design to nearly any problem I face. That is, it’s applicable to many more scenarios beyond just creating potential startups.”

“What we learned about design thinking, and how to develop a product was very interesting and important for a career, and also a new way to think about problems and how to solve them.”

The future of education

Esteban Sosnik, GP of Reach Capital, sharing valuable lessons about his personal story and the future of education

What have students learned in this session?

“Our discussions about the future of education made me realize how fast changing our educational system is and how much focus many multinational companies and startups are putting in the development of new teaching approaches and innovations.”

The art of networking

Christen O’Brien, VP of Marketing at NFX Capital, teaching our students how to network

What have students learned in this session?

“The networking session emphasized the importance of using empathy even in a professional environment and showed me a rather admirable characteristic of Silicon Valley.”

“Simple but useful tips to how to establish and maintain contacts.”

Understanding what is behind cloud computing and everyday AI

Sandeep Dinesh, developer advocate at Google, explaining to students about Google Cloud and everyday artificial intelligence

Summer 18' cohort with Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist of Google Social for Brands

What have students learned in this session?

“I learned about machine learning, the importance of AI, Google Cloud and many stories of superation.”

“Coding is very useful to know.”

Amazon Go / CafeX visit

Students learning about CafeX, one of the most promising investments of investor Jason Calacanis
Shoplifting-esque experience at the AmazonGo store

What have students learned in this session?

“That technologies do not need to be complicated to disrupt industries.”

“How automation is threatening jobs anywhere.”

Designing processors workshop at Intel HQ

Students learning how tiny transistors are

At Intel, students have the chance to witness how technology has evolved exponentially during the last decades

What have students learned in this session?

“Now I have at least, an idea of how chips and processors work.”

“How to work in groups.”

Understanding automated vehicles at Samsung HQ

Students learning how Autonomous cars see the world
An autonomous car being tested in the Streets of San Francisco

What have students learned in this session?

“I learned that the world of technological innovations will soon impact other fields of society such as legislation in a greater way. I also learned that the process of creating and testing new technologies in often controversial.”

“How autonomous cars and LIDAR work. And how behind every automated system and algorithm there is a human decision maker.”

Storytelling / Improv workshop

Summer ’18 cohort learning on how to tell a good story and why it matters

What have students learned in this session?

“I learned that the skill of storytelling is one that is applicable and valuable in any environment, whether it’s academic, casual or professional.”

“That good stories makes space for business to grow.”

Art of Pitching workshop

Reinaldo Normand sharing his two decades of experience pitching to investors

What have students learned in this session?

“How to do a good pitch/ sell an idea.”

Visit at Stanford SLAC particle and X-Ray accelerator

Michael Baumer, Ph.D in Physics at Stanford, explaining about how a particle accelerator works and why the research conducted there is important for mankind

What have students learned in this session?

“I learned on how basic research is important to everything we do today and how this research might not be used for decades.”

Tour and Admissions session at Stanford

The Biodesign building at Stanford, where engineering, medicine and computer science meet to solve the most pressing problems in Medicine
Summer ’18 Cohort at Stanford Business School

What have students learned in this session?

“I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity of having an info session with the admissions office of Stanford and getting to know a little bit more of its campus and its historical aspects during the tour.”

“How holistic the whole admission process is. Having good grades is not enough.”

Mentoring sessions

Pete Flint, founder of Trulia (sold by $3.5B), talking to our Winter '19 cohort
Antoine Colaco, partner at Valor Capital Group, sharing his wisdom with the students

Isadora Kimura, Sr. Product Manager at BetterUp, giving valuable feedback on our Demo Da
Antonio Ermirio de Moraes Neto, CEO and founder of XP Health, sharing with students about his purpose on helping the world
Rodrigo Xavier, former CEO of Bank of America Brazil: from travelling the world in a backpack to banker to Stanford fellow

What have students learned in this session?

“Today I learned that many successful entrepreneurs begin their career with a simple and often idealistic goal such as ending inequality or putting a brick in the world and that these motivations should never be underestimated. I also learned that, although your socioeconomic condition does play a significant role in shaping your future, anyone through much effort and education can write his/her own path and change the world.”

“I learned that technological advancements are shaping the world and the different areas of studies in a much faster pace than I imagined.”

“You don’t have to have a goal in mind too early, and you don’t have to stick to your “planning”, you kind of improvise along the way and don’t miss any opportunities.”

“I learned a little more about the process of investing in startups and about why international companies see so much potential in Brazil even after an economic crisis.”

“I learned what investors see in entrepreneurs and startups.”

The future of medicine and biodesign

Professor Robson Capasso M.D., chief of sleep surgery at Stanford, explaining how innovation is done in healthcare

What have students learned in this session?

“I learned why technological innovations are slower in the field of healthcare.”

“I learned that radiologists might be challenged by artificial intelligence soon but doctors won’t be replaced (yet).”

Berkeley Tour and Private Admissions Presentation

A T-Rex Skeleton at UC Berkeley
Schanté Hayes, head of international admissions at Berkeley, talking to our Winter 19' cohort

What have students learned in this session?

“Berkeley is a hard school to get in!”

How Accelerators Work

Shuchi Rana, head of the SAP San Francisco accelerator, explaining why large companies like SAP need to reinvent themselves by partnering with entrepreneurs and startups

What have students learned in this session?

“I learned that companies regardless of their success need some kind of guidance in order to either maintain their status or elevate it.”

“How SAP is the structure behind many industries and how they use their network’s value to their advantage.”

Autodesk Gallery Visit and 3D modelling workshop

Manuela Menezes designs a chair in a workshop at Autodesk

3D printed prosthesis at Autodesk

What have students learned in this session?

“I discovered yet two other fields that has already been and will continue to be greatly affected by technological advancements, which is architecture and engineering. This discovery just emphasizes the fact that no matter what I decide to do with my professional life I will inevitably be surrounded by technology.”

The future of genetic engineering at Berkeley Innovation Genomics Institute

Dr. Kevin Dozen from the Berkeley Innovative Genomics Institute, making the hardcore science of Crispr/Cas9 look simple
Dr. Myeong-Je Cho showcasing his lab gizmos to students
Dr. Susan Jenkins showcasing genetically modified plants at her research institute

What have students learned in this session?

“How designing amazing biological structures is very accessible to us.”

“Sometimes technology is limited by our ethics, but that is not a bad thing.”

What’s your passion workshop

Students concentrated in finding their strengths to define their future careers

What have students learned in this session?

“Literally, I basically choose my future job today😂😂. It was super fun and also it helped me realize what I’m good at and what I need to improve.”

“Sometimes it’s good to look at yourself from an outsider perspective.”

Demo Day

Summer ’18 students pitching their project

What have students learned in this session?

“I learned that delivering a speech or engaging in any type of public speaking entails not only great diction, but also great hand gesture, facial expression and posture. I also learned that pitching, despite being theoretically simple, involves a lot of preparation and thoughtfulness even when it is a 30 second pitch. Additionally, I learned that as a teenager the best thing I can do is grab the opportunities and make the best out of them. If it weren’t for this lesson I wouldn’t have had such a transforming experience during the program.”

“The only language that investors understand is money.”

What the students say about the program

Students of the Summer ’18 cohort with their mentor Sam Udotong, CEO of Fireflies.ai

“The bootcamp was an amazing experience that I will carry for the rest of my life.”

“In a place so competitive and ambitious as the Silicon Valley, I was surprised to hear the word “empathy” so many times. Nowhere else will I ever be able to find such a place, where collaboration gives birth to innovation and where creativity emerges from generosity.”

I must say that this program exceeded all of my expectations and that I am immensely grateful for all the knowledge I obtained and all the friendships I made during these past ten days. It might sound cheesy, but I will forever remember this remarkable experience and the unique people I met.”